Car Tyres

Tyres are a crucial component of your vehicle’s safety and performance.

Tread Depth: The legal minimum tread depth for car tyres is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre. However, research shows that tyre grip and braking performance significantly decline as the tread depth decreases below 3mm. Maintaining adequate tread depth is essential for optimal traction and safe driving.

Tyre-related Accidents: Nearly 1 in 10 UK road accidents is attributed to tyre-related issues, such as insufficient tread depth, improper inflation, or tyre damage. Regular inspection and maintenance can help prevent accidents caused by tyre failures.

Inflation Pressure: Proper tyre inflation is crucial for safety and efficiency. Underinflated tyres can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, reduced handling, and increased risk of blowouts. On the other hand, overinflated tyres result in a harsher ride, reduced traction, and uneven wear.

Tyre Age: Tyres deteriorate over time, even if they have sufficient tread depth. Tyres older than 10 years are more prone to failure, posing a significant safety risk. Regular inspection, including assessing the age of your tyres, helps identify when they require replacement.

Why Choose Horners Garage for Tyre Inspection and Replacement:

Expertise: At Horners Garage, our skilled technicians have extensive experience in tyre inspection, repair, and replacement. They possess the knowledge to identify potential issues and recommend the appropriate course of action.

Safety First: We prioritise your safety by ensuring that your tyres meet legal requirements and are in optimal condition. Our thorough inspections help detect tyre-related issues early, preventing potential accidents and ensuring safer driving.

Quality Tyres: We offer a range of high-quality tyres from reputable brands. Our technicians can recommend the most suitable tyres for your vehicle based on your driving needs and budget.

Proper Installation: We follow industry best practices for tyre installation, including proper balancing and alignment to ensure even tread wear and optimal performance.

Regular Maintenance: We can assist you in establishing a regular tyre maintenance schedule, including rotation and balancing, to maximize the lifespan and performance of your tyres.

Maintaining the condition of your car tyres is vital for safety, performance, and fuel efficiency. With statistics highlighting the risks associated with worn or damaged tyres, it is essential to choose a reputable garage like Horners Garage for tyre inspection and replacement. Our expertise, commitment to safety, and range of high-quality tyres make us the ideal choice for keeping your tyres in optimal condition. Trust us to provide professional service and advice, ensuring your peace of mind on the road. Schedule a tyre inspection with us today and experience the difference of reliable tyre care.

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